How to contribute to Flask-PluginKit

Thank you for considering contributing to Flask-PluginKit!


Report a problem

  • Describe what you expect to happen.

  • If possible, include a minimal, complete, verifiable example to help us identify the problem. This also helps to check if the issue is not related to your own code.

  • Describe what actually happened. If there is an exception, include the complete exception stack.

  • List your Python, Flask, Flask-PluginKit versions. If possible, check if the new version has fixed this issue.

Submit pull request

First is the environment

  • fork repository Flask-PluginKit

  • git clone Flask-PluginKit under your account and set your git config

  • Install the dependency module of the development environment with command make dev

Followed by coding

  • Write code, please try to comply with the PEP8 specification.

  • Write test cases and documentation.

  • Run the test make dev && make test using the pypy, py2.7, and py3.6+ environments respectively.

  • Generate the documentation make dev && make html.

  • If you contribute a translation document, proceed as follows:

    1. execute the command make gettext

    Extract translatable messages into pot files. The generated pot file will be placed in the docs/_build/gettext directory.

    1. execute the command make cn

    Generate or update the po file and place it in docs/locale/zh_CN/LC_MESSAGES/ directory, then translate the po file.

    1. execute the command make html-cn

    Constructing Translation Documents, at the same time, it will generate or update mo file.

Last request for merger

  • Submit your code

  • Initiate pull request on GitHub