Compatible with older versions

When the original v3.x was refactored, it was not compatible with the old version, namely v2.x, so the old plugins need to be updated one by one.

The old version requires the plugin to return a class through the getPluginClass function, and write the method to register tep, bep, hep, etc in the class, so you only need to return the above method through the register function when updating the plugin, for example:

Legacy plugin code:

def getPluginClass():
    return MyPluginClass

class MyPluginClass(object):

    def _after_func(self, response):

    def run(self):

    def register_tep(self):
        return {
            "after_request_hook": self._after_func,
            "before_request_hook": xx

    def register_bep(self):
        return {}

    def register_hep(self):
        return {}

    def register_yep(self):
        return {}

    def register_dfp(self):
        return {}

Compatibility modification (add the following code):

def register():
    mpc = MyPluginClass()
    return dict(
        hep={"after_request": mpc._after_func, "before_request": xx, ...},


  • The new version does not support yep, dfp, but instead of other methods.

  • hep removed the suffix _hook in the new version.

  • The after_request and teardown_request in hep, pay attention to the parameter changes of the function.

However, in v3.3.1, the auto-compatible code has been added. Flask-PluginKit tries to load and convert the old version of tep, bep, and hep according to the parameters during loading, so the plugin can be modified without compatibility.