Dynamic Connection Point


The connection point abbreviation is dcp.

It doesn’t need to be returned with register, even you may rarely use it.

Dynamic connection points, dynamic registration and execution functions return the results to the template, which is inspired by flask-plugins. However, it has been simplified to support pushing multiple functions in the application context, and in the template to get the execution results of all functions under the event (safe HTML code returned by Markup).

The public push method is push_dcp(), in addition, it can be managed using _dcp_manager, it is an instance of DcpManager. Flask-PluginKit will update the template with a global method emit_dcp when it loads, the method called is emit().


  • Push dcp

from flask_pluginkit import push_dcp

def test(*args, **kwargs):
    return 'hello <b>dcp</b>'

with app.app_context():
    push_dcp('test', test)
  • Call in template

    {{ emit_dcp('test', 1, 2, 3, a='a', b='b', c='c') }}