To the plugin user

For the user, this tutorial can basically guarantee the smooth use of the tutorial. Of course, when I write this document, I can’t accurately view it from the perspective of each user. Although I am also one of the users, I am also a developer. Familiar with internal processes.

At the beginning, I used Flask to write web applications, wrote a lot, and some things were repeated. Later I wanted to study something that has style. I referenced wordpress, flask-plguins, etc., and wrote the original code that can load plugins. Finally, I used More, so independent into a Flask extension and released to pypi, named Flask-PluginKit.

Later released to v2.4.1, I still have a lot of pain points in use, so I reconstructed all the code, rewritten the document, released v3.0.0!

I hope to give your feedback to me.

To the plugin developer

For developers, you not only need to read this tutorial, but also api, loading logic, and so on, of course, it is best to see some source code, although it is very good.