Python Version

We recommend using the latest version of Python 3. Flask-PluginKit supports Python 3.6 and newer, Python 2.7, and PyPy.


These distributions will be installed automatically when installing Flask-PluginKit.

  • Flask is a Lightweight Web Application Framework Written in Python, theoretically support 0.9 and later versions.

  • semver is a Semantic Version Control Specification.

Virtual environments

We recommend using a virtual environment to manage the dependencies for your project, both in development and in production.

Of course, this requires you to understand it yourself.

Python 3 comes bundled with the venv module to create virtual environments.

If you are using Python 2, the venv module is not available. Instead, install virtualenv.

Install Flask-PluginKit

Within the activated virtual environment or global environment, use the following command to install Flask-PluginKit:

$ pip install -U Flask-PluginKit

Flask-PluginKit is now installed. Check out the Quickstart or go to the Documentation Overview.

Install development version

If you want to work with the latest Flask-PluginKit code before it’s released, install or update the code from the master branch:

$ pip install -U git+